Synthetic Grass


Synthetic Grass in dubbo


Are you tired of spending your weekends out in the yard in the hot sun, but don’t want to pay for ongoing landscaping services? Dubbo Premier Landscapes offers installation of Syn Lawn synthetic grass to keep your lawn looking beautiful, green and manicured without the ongoing maintenance required.

One of the best artificial grass products available, it looks and feels like actual grass, so nobody will have to know it’s not the real deal but you. It’s not only ideally suitable for homes, it also works for commercial purposes as well as putting greens on golf courses.
Synthetic grass in schoolyard — Synthetic Grass Dubbo, NSW

Why choose Syn Lawn Synthetic grass?

There are numerous benefits to using the Syn Lawn brand:

It drains well, so you won’t have flooding and puddling in your yard. Even if you live in a high-rain area, you won’t have to worry about excessive flooding or puddles accumulating in your yard. Syn Lawn maintains its ability to drain even in tropical storm level rains. It’s highly durable. Kids or pets? Backyard sports? It can handle everything life throws at it and more without ripping or coming loose.

Your synthetic grass will stand up against wear and tear for years to come without losing its beauty of strength. It can be customised. There are numerous options available depending on what you’ll be using your Syn Lawn for, so you get the right fit for your project.

Whether you need something heavy-duty and long-lasting for sports or pets or you’re just looking for something to keep your home’s exterior looking its best without the weekly mowing and watering, there is something for you in their selection. It’s eco-friendly, as it’s made from plants.

Ask about our Syn Lawn synthetic lawns and we’ll help you determine the sizing and installation requirements for your specific yard, storefront, or even rooftop. Just sent us a message or give us a call and we’ll get back you to discuss your needs.

Benefits of Artificial Grass:

  1. Low maintenance
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Designed for Australian climate and conditions
  4. Child and pet friendly
  5. Artificial grass saves you water